Norris Number 22 Malleable Iron / Dovetailed Shoulder Plane

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Norris No. 22 Malleable Iron Shoulder Plane
Norris No. 22 Malleable Iron Shoulder Plane
as illustrated in the 1914 Norris Catalogue

Malleable iron or dovetailed steel.
Fitted with rosewood. 7¾" long.
Skew mouth 2/- extra (1928 catalogue)

Cutter Width 1"     1¼" 1½"
Price (1908 Price List) 14/6 15/6
Price (1914 Catalogue) 14/- 15/-
Price (1928 Catalogue) 30/- 31/- 33/-

NOTES: The price for these planes dropped between the 1908 price list and the 1914 catalogue. This style of shoulder plane is known as a "London Pattern" and cast examples may have "MALLEABLE", "ANNEALED", "UNBREAKABLE" or "PATENT METAL" stamped on the toe or heel, depending on the era in which the particular plane was manufactured.

Dovetailed versions may be later planes to coincide with the No. A22 model. Dovetailed versions usually had "STEEL" stamped on the toe. Planes with "rhino horns' were probably custom orders.