Norris Number 52GS Gunmetal Smoothing Plane

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Norris No. 52GS Gunmetal Smoothing Plane
Norris No. 52GS Gunmetal Smoothing Plane
as illustrated in the 1914 Norris Catalogue

Adjustable Planes fitted with Norris Patent Adjustment.

The patent adjustment is an effective device, giving lateral and vertical
movements to the cutter and is controlled by one operating knob.

Fitted with best quality rosewood, gunmetal lever and standard cutters.
Gunmetal, steel faced, parallel sides. 7½" long x 2¼" cutter.
Extra Cutters to fit above planes, 1/10 each.

These (Reg. Design) Improved Planes fitted with the Norris Patent Adjustment and gunmetal lever are first grade tools, well balanced and easy to work. For the general woodworker they are ideal planes and excellent value.

Cutter Width 2"     2⅛" 2¼"
Price (1908 Price List)
Price (1914 Catalogue) 25/6-
Price (1928 Catalogue)
Price (1930 Catalogue)

NOTES: This plane was introduced as the Norris No. 52GS in the 1914 catalogue, but are more commonly found marked with just 52G on the levercap. It was 10½ inches long and came with a 2¼ inch cutter. It is often stamped with the casting registration "REGD NO. 637730" on the toe.

Like other planes in the '50 series', the cutting iron rests on two metal 'bosses', thus providing great stability. A secondary function of these metal bosses was to secure the closed rear handle, which was sandwiched between them and riveted, screwed or bolted in place. The handle also held the adjuster mechanism.

Levercaps were gunmetal and came with a number of different Norris marks or stamps.

This plane, as designated (52GS), was dropped from the Norris range by the 1928 catalogue. A new model, the No. 54, had been introduced by then which offered a similar sized version to that of the 52. It is entirely possible that this new plane also came with a gunmetal upgrade which would have, stylistically, matched the No. 52GS / 52G.