Norris Number A7 Steel Shoulder Plane

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Norris No. A7 Steel Shoulder Plane
Norris No. A7 Steel Shoulder Plane
as illustrated in the 1930's Norris Catalogue

(Patent Adjustable) Fitted with rosewood.
Skew mouth 2/- extra.

Size: Length x Cutter Width 8 x 1⅛" 8 x 1¼" 8 x 1½"
Price (1908 Price List)
Price (1914 Catalogue)
Price (1928 Catalogue)
Price (1938 Catalogue) (Buck & Ryan) 36/- 37/6 38/6

NOTES: This style of shoulder plane is known as a "York Pattern" or "Yorkshire Pattern". The adjusters used in these planes were of the pin and hole type, as can be seen in the images below.

Very early examples (of which there are few) had the wedge tension adjustment through the back half of the wedge, rather than through the plane itself.