Norris Number 28 Chariot Plane

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Norris No. 28 Malleable Iron Chariot Plane
Norris No. 28 Malleable Iron Chariot Plane
as illustrated in the 1914 Norris Catalogue

Malleable iron, with rosewood wedge (1908, 1914), or
Gunmetal*, steel faced, with rosewood wedge (1928).
Fitted with ebony wedges 1/- extra.

Cutter Width 1⅛" 1¼" 1½"
Price (1908 Price List) 7/- 7/6 8/-
Price (1914 Catalogue) 7/6 8/- 8/6
Price (1928 Catalogue) * 24/- 26/-

NOTES: * For the Gunmetal version, please refer to the Norris Number 28GS Gunmetal Chariot Plane page.

Another model with some reassignment issues. The Norris No. 30 chariot plane in both the 1908 price list and 1914 catalogue became the No. 28 by the 1928 catalogue, further muddying the Norris waters somewhat. This explains why the price is even higher than usual in the 1928 catalogue.

Unless the plane is clearly marked as such - either 28 or 30 - it does complicate things a little for the collector in determining exactly which model of Norris it is. If it is marked, however, it might make it a little easier to determine its age - to within 14 years anyway in the case of a gunmetal, steel faced No. 28. Of course someone who is more interested in actually using the plane won't mind one way or the other which model number it is as long as it works well - which it should, being a Norris.

The malleable iron version of this plane may have "MALLEABLE", "ANNEALED", "UNBREAKABLE" or "PATENT METAL" stamped on the toe or heel, depending on the era in which the particular plane was manufactured.

Norris chariot planes are handy little workhorses, much in the same way as a small block plane. They can be used for very fine work and even for end-grain use on smaller pieces.