Norris Number A28 Gunmetal Chariot Plane

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Norris No. A28 Gunmetal Chariot Plane
Norris No. A28 Gunmetal Chariot Plane
as illustrated in the 1930's Norris Catalogue

Gunmetal, steel faced, with rosewood wedge.
Fitted with ebony wedges 1/- extra.

Cutter Width 1⅛" 1¼" 1½"
Price (1908 Price List)
Price (1914 Catalogue)
Price (1928 Catalogue)
Price (1930 Catalogue) 24/- 26/-

NOTES: While there may be some confusion with the non-adjuster version, No. 28, the A28 is much more straightforward in its model designation. The fully adjustable, steel faced gunmetal chariot is a beautiful little piece of Norris engineering, either in rosewood or ebony. Unfortunately for the buyer they can be quite expensive as well.

Norris chariot planes are handy little workhorses, much in the same way as a small block plane. They can be used for very fine work and even for end-grain use on smaller pieces.