Norris Number 61 Annealed Iron Smoothing Plane

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Norris No. 61 Annealed Iron Smoothing Plane
Norris No. 61 Annealed Iron Smoothing Plane

Cutter Width 2"     2⅛" 2¼"
Price (1908 Price List)
Price (1914 Catalogue)
Price (1928 Catalogue)
Price (1930 Catalogue)

NOTES: This plane was not offered in any known Norris price list or catalogue. Existing models have been found with casting registration no. 637729 stamped on the toe. The length of the Norris No. 61 is 8½".

This plane was the parallel version of the Norris No. 60 smoothing plane. Similar to the No. 51, construction and basic design of the No. 61 follows closely to the Norris No. 50 series of cheaper, post World War 1 planes. These designs were Norris originals which did not copy any other maker in particular.

Predominantly, stained walnut was used for their infills, though there have been examples with a stained mahogany infill.

Construction-wise, this plane is similar to the bed in other 50 series planes, with the cutting iron resting on two metal 'bosses', providing great stability. A secondary function of these metal bosses was to secure the closed rear handle, which was sandwiched between them and riveted, screwed or bolted in place. The handle also held the adjuster mechanism.

Levercaps were usually made from steel, though planes with gunmetal levers are also known. The levercaps came with a number of different Norris marks or stamps.