Norris Number 9 Dovetailed Steel Rebate Plane

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Norris No. 9 Dovetailed Steel Rebate Plane
Norris No. 9 Dovetailed Steel Rebate Plane
With Two Irons

as illustrated in the 1908 Norris Price List

With Skewed Mouth up to ⅝ in., 1/- extra ;
¾ in. up to 1½ in., 2/- extra.

Cutter Width ¾" ⅞" 1" 1⅛" 1¼" 1½"
Price (1908 Price List) 15/6 16/- 16/6 17/- 17/6 18/6
Price (1914 Catalogue)
Price (1928 Catalogue)

NOTES: All planes were 9" long, though the ¾" was also available in an 8" long version. This plane is essentially a copy of the Spiers twin rebate plane. The side plates were dovetailed and the front toe section was solid steel, the same method of construction as done by Spiers. The infill timber was rosewood.

Unfortunately I do not have many images of actual planes just yet, but I will add them to the site as soon as possible. I have seen two or three in my time, and I think i've also taken some measured shop drawings of one which I might add to the site later.