Norris Number 12 Dovetailed Steel Thumb Plane

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Norris No. 12 Dovetailed Thumb Plane
Norris No. 12 Dovetailed Thumb Plane
as illustrated in the 1908 Norris Price List

Gunmetal lever, 5" long.

Cutter Width 1" 1⅛" 1¼"
Price (1908 Price List) 10/6 11/- 11/6
Price (1914 Catalogue)
Price (1928 Catalogue)

NOTES: The No. 12 Dovetailed Thumb Plane had ceased being offered by the 1914 catalogue and was replaced by the No. 31 Thumb Plane. Whilst not a dovetailed version, the No. 31 is the same in appearance as the No. 12.

Similar to the box-style mitre planes, the sole of the plane extended slightly past the heel. The rear infill was rosewood and, similar to the early version of the No. 31, the plane had no front bun.

Intended primarily for fine work, musical instrument making and for the trimming of end grain, the No. 12 is essentially a small block plane. It is also one of Norris's rarest planes, and commands very high prices when offered for sale.